1/21/2023  Peter Jason Gould

2000 Plus Domains and 100 Directories For Sale

Rare and one-of-kind opportunity - 2000 plus domain portfolio and 100 directories launched of a planned 1000 directories to launch with over 2,000,000 plus current total self-placed listings and growing.

This is a B2B and B2C digital marketplace and media company that currently includes 100 launched of a planned 1000+ national (and global) information directories or marketplaces with over to 2+ million self-placed business listings to date. This diversified network is currently adding tens of thousands of listings a month with a branded, innovative, and network strategy.

Founder decided to look at the entire digital marketplace and media landscape and acquired the digital assets (domains) to brand, launch, network, centralize, standardize, diversify, and be highly unique.

Founder may have designed an incredible opportunity that could be scaled or executed faster with certain resources.

This was designed to be used as a massive marketplace and media company all-in-one. This is like 1000 plus opportunities as a digital one-of-a-kind and all-in-one advertising and information solution company. Each domain was acquired as a massive puzzle piece into a digital destination information marketplace network. There are over 2000 digital asset pieces to put work.

This is defined and branded as a local information network, national information network, local information marketplaces, and national information marketplaces. Also, it could be called a local advertising network or listing advertising network.

It could be further defined or branded as: digital local marketplaces, digital national marketplaces, digital local media, digital national media, digital listing marketplaces, digital listing media, digital focused media, digital innovative media, digital diversified media, digital information media, digital community media, digital interest media,  digital marketplace media, digital directory media , digital northland media, and digital USA media.

1000 plus domains were acquired to be national (global) to local and local to national (global) general and niche directories or marketplaces, 300 plus domains were purchased to be national, local, and niche media destination sites, 100 plus domains for promoting entire network, 100 plus domains for promotional marketplace branding, 100 plus domains for promotional media branding, and 100 plus domains for use with future initiatives.

Entire portfolio may be sold together, sold in groups, sold in branded groups, or possibly sold as separate domains.

The 2000 plus domains are dot com addresses. All domains were acquired to function and be utilized as one massive marketplace, media, and digital information ecosystem.

The 100 directories are accepting listings for the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Possibly open to offers, equity in other businesses, partnerships, separate asset sales or other options. Having over 2000 plus assets creates quite a few options.

Possibly open to flexible seller financing.

Currently operated and owned by one person. Owner believes it could be operated and scaled by one person or a company of thousands. Company could be operated from anywhere.

This company has the vision, domain portfolio, and strategy to launch a total of 1000 plus diverse 500 plus category to niche marketplace and media sites all networked together into a digital information ecosystem. This company offers businesses a free, flat-rate, and budget friendly listing pricing strategy.

The company has a wide variety of domains that include "Local", "Locals", 'Businesses", "City", "Daily", "Home", "Listing", "Nation", "Northland", "State", "USA" branded dot com addresses.

The operating vision is that the marketplace and directories will bring businesses and business revenue, then the media destinations will bring in consumers with informative content.

Owner sees valuation in:

* Over 2000 dot com assets all to be used in a combination marketplace and media conglomerate. The domains have been acquired over many years.

* There are over 100 branded directories with over 2,000,000 self-posted listings. Currently, offering free listings with upgraded listings priced up to $30 each.

*Value in business customers registering for each of the 100 marketplaces. Opportunity to combine or promote other product and service offerings to this growing business customer site registrations.

* Future potential growth seems almost unlimited number of domains, websites, marketplaces, directories, and media sites that could be launched.

*Future potential to create, add, partner, or promote other digital product or service offerings including SaaS or PaaS.

* Currently managed by one person, but the owner believes it could be scaled to one of the largest digital marketplace and media companies out there. I could see this as a massive standalone company digital company, a massive addition to a publicly traded or private company, or possibly even divided up into separate companies.

This company's customer is any business that wants to advertise, but also any consumer looking for local information, services, and products.

This company is like creating, connecting, combining, and building 1000 businesses under one roof. Why not look at the digital information entire market landscape and come with an entire plan to go after a massive market? Then look at what can be branded, centralized, standardized, shared, networked, streamlined, and promoted as a whole. There are many functions that are similar in each business. Why think small when you can go after it all?

There are plenty of single brand, single marketplace, single directory, or single media sites, but no company comes to market or is in the market like this company.

With increased revenue, certain funding, or certain outside investment this company could scale, launch, and establish 1000 marketplaces. Then on to a strategy to add value to niche websites, PaaS or SaaS portals, and then to media sites. The media sites may use a strategy of company content, contributor content, or even guest posts. Domains have been acquired to advertise, market, and promote all these future business and growth initiatives.

For more information, please contact LocalzzMedia@gmail.com